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3634 Lbs of Concealed Carry Firepower: GTA V Firearms Visual Breakdown

Playing as a Grand Theft Auto 5 character, you can carry an obscene amount of guns and ammunition, even by video game standards. Here’s a visual breakdown of just how much bang Michael, Franklin, and Trevor tote around in their pants pockets.

Lost 12 Pounds in Three Weeks: 21 Day Fix Review

Here’s my review of 21 Day Fix:

The program is very simple, polished, and wrapped up in a tight little package. Any able-bodied person with willpower, a DVD player, and the ability to read the instructional booklet for 15 minutes can achieve solid results with the 21 Day Fix–I can pretty much guarantee that.

The basic gist of the program is that you stick to a well-rounded, calorie deficient diet, while exercising to one of the seven included workout routines every day for 21 days. Let’s take a closer look.

Over 20% Push Up and Pull Up Gains in 14 Days Using Stew Smith’s Program

I recently completed former Navy Seal and fitness trainer, Stew Smith’s Pushup and Pullup Push programs. After completing the 14 day program, I increased my push up count by 13 and my pull up count by 4. This post discusses my overall experience during the training.

Lost 13 Pounds in 28 Days: The 28 x 24 Hour Repair

My wife completed the 21 Day Fix last month, and it reminded me of a plan I designed for myself a couple years ago. I wanted to see how much fat I could shave off over a four week period; we’ll just call it the 28 x 24 Hour Repair for the sake of this post. Weight loss is basically the product of burning more calories than you consume, however, I couldn’t just starve myself for a positive effect. There’s a little more to it. If you’ll remember, my goal was to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, so I planned a relatively simple diet to achieve the said results.

The Handgun Wizard Companion

You’re reading this, so I’m going to assume you’re in the market for a handgun;, or at least window shopping. Before making any big purchase, especially one that may guard your life, it’s critical that you first arm yourself with adequate information. Therein lies the purpose of’s Handgun Wizard: to offer you, the defense-minded consumer, the knowledge you need to make a sound purchase.